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Every supplier of Sourcing Product Limited has been audited and approved confirming all standards and procedures meet the European and USA ethical codes of conduct regarding all health and safety at work and meets the minimum age and minimum monthly wage as per local authority rules and regulations set down.

Supplier / Customer Orientation

Our customer / supplier orientation policy has proved to be a winning formula creating a more efficient and understanding working relationship with our suppliers and customers.
This is conducted by regular planned and focused customer visits arranged by SPL During the visit the supplier has the opportunity to discuss, advise fabrics, exchange ideas and familiarise themselves with the general style and complete customer product range.

Follow Up / Merchandising

We are using latest technology (Cloud ERP for Development & Order follow up software) and equipment every order is followed up and monitored at each stage of production from technical set up, size sets, sample developments, manufacturing process and schedule to packaging and on time delivery. Meantime we are following regular order management system to follow up orders till shipment.

Quality Control

We have very strict and rigorous quality control procedures throughout the group. Realizing the varying codes of practice and procedures used within the industry we have set up at each location our own fully equipped quality control department carrying out all the QC checks during production. For all new customers, where required, we send our quality controllers to visit the facilities to learn and familiarize themselves with all customer specific QC techniques and procedures.

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