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Company Overview

Since early 2006 we few professional have worked on and played an active role in developing the Global Sourcing Concept. Through good communication, excellent working relationships and reacting to our customers needs, we have developed a unique, effective, reliable and professional operating structure and sourcing concept that ensures we retain our position in the Global market.

Factories: Where required by customer our factory base has all broken needle, metal detection, metal contamination procedures in place and are constantly updated and monitored by regular QA checks. For production of Baby and Children wear each factory has been audited and passed all requirements including Ethical code of conduct requirements for production.

Supplier Under Cotrol

Please find below list of few factories that we workwith:

AKH Group – shirt, blouse, t-shirt, polo shirt, sweat shirt

AKH Stitch Art – all kinds of fleece, padded jackets and over shirt items (under AKH group)

AKH Knitting and Dyeing Ltd – all kinds of knit items 

Teamtex Group /Bando Eco Apparels Ltd – shirt, blouse

Knit Concern Ltd – all kinds of knit items  

Orion Group – all kinds of knit items

Sweater Maker – all kinds of sweater items

There are few more makers working under our control.

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